Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Facing my fear

I consider myself to be a pretty good cook. I can follow a recipe well. I am also a FANTASTIC baker. Cookies are my best thing. But, there is one thing that I'm afraid of trying: bread.

My mom would make our bread a lot when I was young. People thought it was so great that she would do that, but all I wanted was the white stuff. Then, while in France, I fell in love with good good bread. Long lovely baguettes that were soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. My favorite place in the world to get a baguette was just outside Orléans. They literally took it out of the giant brick oven, put it in a paper sack and handed it to you. You would tear off the croute (end piece) and steam would rise up. We would just eat it plain like that. Best bread ever.

Well, I've got a year without my husband. A whole year to be on my own, and to almost do whatever I want. (well, within reason of course!!) Recently, I bought some yeast. I know, scary. And then Saturday I was in a Borders (oh sweet bookstore, how I miss you!!!) and found a GIANT book on bread. World wide breads, regular old bread, the works. Even how to do things in a bread machine. Which I don't have, but I'd rather bake it in my oven anyway. So, one of the things I am hoping to work on this year is how to make bread. And not just sandwich bread, but a baguette. And maybe rolls. Maybe even cinnamon rolls. Perhaps try out some of the world breads. Foccacia? Ciabatta? Who knows what might happen????? I will post my successes and failures here. Sadly, you won't be able to share in any of the yummyness (well, if it even gets to the point of being yummy) but I'll do my best in sharing enough so that you can almost taste it. Next goal: get a good stone to cook on. Because you can't bake a baguette in a loaf pan.


Chelsea said...

You are making me SOOOO hungry!!!

I still remember my first taste of baguette in France. Nommmmmm.

Valerie said...

Sounds fab!! I've always been a bit of a homemade-bread-a-phobe. I finally conquered that fear when my next door neighbor brought me a loaf that was so heavenly, I figured I HAD to learn to bake bread. So I've got a grand total of one recipe I do well. But, it works!! Wish I lived closer. I'd love to learn to make baguettes, and foccacia with you !
So sorry you'll be on your own this next year. You guys will be in my prayers!!