Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday mind dump

I LOVE clearance sales at Walmart. I rarely will buy my kids clothes there unless it is on the clearance rack. $3 pjs are not something I can walk past.

I LOVE when I find meat marked down. I hate spending a lot of money on meat, and got three packages of tenderloin chickens for $3.15 each. Someday, I hope to afford organic meat. But until then, I will go for the marked down chicken.

I LOVE the day old breads. Because there is nothing wrong with them, and they are almost half of the original price.

I LOVE the new toy box I just got for the kids. I love it because I got it off of craigslist. And I love it because I bought it from the person that built it.

I LOVE that I have my computer back. The keyboard is falling apart, and the DVD drive is shot. But I get to look for a new one. Since I have a giant external hard drive, I don't need much storage space nor do I need a lot of bells and whistles. The kids will get this one until it dies.

I LOVE that the sun was out today for a while. It was so nice! And above 50 degrees!!

I LOVE that my husband put a poem he had written for me to music and that I can listen to him sing to me anytime I want. Especially love it when I have my MP3 player at the gym, and while I am doing my crunches, he comes on.

I LOVE that my husband emailed and not only got permission to bless and pass the sacrament on the new FOB he is on, but because he took the initiative to do so is now the group leader where he is. Granted, there are maybe 4 other guys there. But that doesn't matter. I just imagine four guys in ACUs getting together in one of their rooms and blessing and passing the sacrament and having their own little church together.

I LOVE my husband.:)

I LOVE that my kids rooms are more organized and picked up than they have ever been.

I LOVE that Heavenly Father answers prayers. I have had two answered so quickly recently. To me, they were miracles.

I LOVE friends that tell me that they miss me (or really, our family:)) because we are so awesome.

I LOVE that the dress I was contemplating buying for my brothers wedding this summer just went on sale. I think it is a sign that I need to buy it.

I LOVE writing in my journal. I always feel so much better.

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