Monday, September 7, 2009


I know my posts have been very few and very far between, and there's a good reason for that. Every time I come here all I have to say is just sad, depressing stuff. Nothing of real consequence. This last year has just been rough, and now with Matt gone, we've been home from our trip, plus the rain that has started, I just feel like a sad lumpy thing with nothing positive or good to say about anything.

But. I have a plan.

School is about to start, and with that comes getting up early, and having a schedule. I am going to take that and work on exercising every day. Keep reading my scriptures. Take my vitamin D and calcium supplements. Get out in the sun when it is actually out. Start to tackle things that I neglected that last month that Matt was home. And I'm going to give it a month. If I don't feel better, if I still feel this sad, dreary feeling, then the time has come to find a doctor.

I started today, and I'm hoping that this will get me out of this slump.

So, apologies for the sad posts, and hopefully I'll have more positive things to say soon! If I don't, I just won't post.

Oh, and I've got to start my bread project. Carbs are always happy things.:)


Valerie said...

Sounds like a good plan! You've struck the perfect balance between doing your part, drawing closer to the Lord, and be willing to seek professional help if it becomes necessary. Having struggled on and off with depression ever since my mission, I know how hard it is to function when you feel dreary. Exercise, reading my scriptures, getting sun, have always been key for me. You'll be in my prayers!!

Shelly! said...

Don't be apologetic for being "lumpy". We are all lumpy and uneven...

I agree with Valerie...but coming from the secular world I think there is something important about seeing professional help early - especially before winter weather - and getting on top of things.

You continue to make me proud...and rise above your challenges TJ. And you will with this too...