Friday, September 18, 2009

Future project

When we were in Utah, we went to this place called Thanksgiving Point. I had never been there in all my years of going to Utah up to two times a year. We had a great time! It was a Friday, so they had a farmers market going on where I bought this beautiful hand carved wooden bowl, some hand carved wooden spoons, and a woven pine needle basket. We went to the farm they had there, and walked in some of their gardens. We ate at the deli counter (tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil on foccacia bread with a vinaigrette) and went to their shop. And I saw these frames.

I loved them!! But when I looked at their price, I gasped. $30 each!!! And I thought, I make that. So this last week, I went to the only craft store in town (which is also a quilt shop) and picked up a few Yoyo makers. Yoyo's are those round things on the frames. They take a very small amount of fabric for the normal sized ones (about the size of a CD), and are pretty easy and fast to make. Especially if you buy a Yoyo maker instead of doing them by hand. I bought a regular size, a small size, and then a flower one. I picked up some fat quarters that I thought would work in my daughters room (pinks and browns in great patterns), also some Aunt Grace reproduction feedsack squares. You might be asking how I know all this stuff about fabric. I think I learned it by osmosis, seeing that my mom graduated in fashion design, and has been attached to her sewing machine most of her life.:) She spend a lot of time quilting now, so I've become very familiar with a lot of this sort of stuff. Not to mention being dragged to quilt shops everywhere.

I'm hoping to use these yoyo's in other ways as decoration. Or, maybe making a quilt top??? Yoyo quilts look pretty cool, especially if I found some awesome fabric. My next purchase is going to be some inexpensive frames and some buttons. Or maybe no buttons. I'm excited for this project! Hopefully it will keep me occupied through this winter!


Marisa Seal said...

My hubby's family got me interested in quilting - I haven't tried yoyos yet but I can see how they might be addictive!

Can't wait to see pics of your yoyo projects :)

Heidi said...

Yoyos? Reproduction feed sacks? Carol, did you hijack Terina's blog?? :) The only other explanation is that, whether we want to or not, we all turn into our mothers eventually! lol

Jen said...

Yes, Thanksgiving Point is so cool, isn't it? We took the kids to their corn maze on Saturday and had a blast.