Monday, September 28, 2009

I found a treasure today

My hard drive on my laptop is almost completely full. As in, I've deleted several unnecessary programs, I've decided I need to finish burning the rest of my pictures onto discs, so that I can start getting rid of those.
Since my mind was on pictures, I remembered that my uncle had given me a CD with pictures on it. I had asked him for it a while ago, for pictures of my grandparents when they were younger, and that sort of thing. I've had it for months. I've never even looked at it. Until today. Oh my friends, I've had GOLD this whole time and didn't even know it.

Most of these are from slides, so if they look backwards, that's because they are.

This is from when my grandma and her sister went touring around Europe together. In the 60's.

I don't think either one of them are in this one, but I still like it.

I don't think, if I remember correctly (in my defense, I was pregnant at the time, had a sick toddler and was with my very touristy mother who was driving me nuts) cars no longer drive under the Eiffel Tower. And the fact there is someone in that little thing trying to direct traffic?? Good luck. You're in Paris.

I love this picture. I love the patchwork of fields on the ground. The fantastic thing is that it is still like that. This same sort of view was what I first saw of France when I flew over for the first time.

My great aunt Sybil is on the left (the one that had that awesome silver dress I posted about earlier) and my grandma is on the right.

My grandma at the Berlin Wall.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

My cute grandpa when he was in the Navy during WWII.

And my favorite is this one: my parents. Somewhere, obviously happy. Do you see my dads pants? And his shirt?

I had NO IDEA what was on this CD. There is so much more!! I am so thrilled to have it! I'm going to print a few of these out.

My husband doesn't always understand why I want to have so many pictures of things. In fact, I got him a camera to take with him (which, of course, he has barely tried to use and hasn't sent any pictures yet). But these pictures are why I do it. So that my great grandchildren can see where we went, what we did. And what the world looked like then. What it looked like through our eyes.

I am off to make room on my hard drive for more pictures. This hard drive seems so small. Think Matt will let me get a new laptop???


Steve-o said...

I'd buy an external hard drive (they're on sale at Best Buy every week) or replace your laptop hard drive before replacing the whole computer.

Pictures are a pretty big deal to us, too. I back ours up onto discs and two hard drives. We'd be devastated if we lost them.

Mike said...

Hope he will. Pictures really are worth a thousand words.

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