Thursday, January 14, 2010

The impossible.........

Something amazing happened today at the gym.

If you have never met me, I am pretty tall. And not just tall, I am mostly leg. Which makes buying pants tortuous (thank heavens for Jcrew and The Gap. I would always be wearing flood pants if not for them.). I also have long arms, arms that I like to call toothpick arms because they are SO skinny and shapeless. And having such long legs and a short torso, touching my toes has never ever happened without me having to bend my knees. Sometimes a lot. But today, that changed.

I reached over to stretch my hamstrings out, and suddenly I realized how close my fingers were to my shoes. I could not believe it. I really never thought that I would even be able to touch my toes.

I know this sounds very silly. And it kind of is. But it is also showing me that I CAN do it! I never thought I would. Which means I might be able to run. Or maybe get a six pack. Or perhaps even keep up with my husband. Ok, that last one probably not.:)

I just might actually touch my toes next week.

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